About the Archive

Virginia Railway Express (VRE) offers their Train Talk service to provide timely information about schedule changes, service disruptions, and other news. Because VRE doesn’t have an archive of these messages on their website, we created an archive of Train Talk messages for the convenience and reference of VRE’s customers. If you have any older Train Talks that aren’t here, please forward them to info (at) traintalk.illudium.com. If you can’t forward as an attachment, please be sure the subject is included or I won’t have the date. You’re welcome to subscribe to the archive’s RSS feed to read the updates, but if you’re riding the trains you should sign up to have Train Talk updates sent directly to your mobile device. The primary purpose of this site is to provide an archive, and there is no guarantee that the updates will post in a timely manner, although we try. When everything is working, the archive checks for new messages every 10 minutes. The archive is subscribed to messages for all trains and stations, and all other notifications that were available as of 11/20/2009. Note that the archive gets the longer email version of the train status messages. The SMS messages are shorter, and the messages sent to VRE’s Twitter are shorter still.

About the Software

Train Talk Archive uses WordPress’s Post via email feature with a modified wp-mail.php. Additional magic is supplied by the Autolink URI plugin and the Tags by Regular Expressions plugin.

About Us

“We” have been riding VRE since shortly after service began.

Legal Stuff

Copyright of Train Talk messages belongs to Virginia Railway Express. We believe that this archive is fair use based on the following:

  • The archive is non-commercial.
  • The archive is for reference purposes.
  • The archive enhances, rather than diminishes the value of VRE’s Train Talk messages.
  • The archive provides a benefit to VRE’s customers at no cost to VRE.

We welcome a dialog with VRE regarding the archive. We may be contacted at info (at) traintalk.illudium.com. In the event that discussion is not possible, you may use Illudium’s DMCA notification procedure.