Reduced Price for Amtrak Step-Up Tickets


Reduced Price for Amtrak Step-Up Tickets


We apologize for the delay and had hoped that by December 1st, we woul=
d have all the agreements in place in order to have the cost of the Step-=
Up Ticket reduced to $3. Unfortunately, when we put out that original est=
imated date in October, things have not panned out that way. There have b=
een communications since then stating we are pushing the date back and re=
gret that some riders did not get the message. Currently, we are still wa=
iting for the funding agreements to be finalized by the Commonwealth of V=
irginia. At this point, we hope to have all details in place by January 1=
st, but again, this is still an estimate. We will keep riders updated as =
new information becomes available.

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