VRE Full Operations Wed 10/31


VRE Full Operations Wed 10/31







Full Schedule of Train Servi=
ce – Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy spared the tracks, bridges, signals and stations that VRE uses f=
rom the full brunt of the storm. Therefore, we plan on operating our full=
normal schedule tomorrow (Wednesday, October 31, 2012) without the e=
xpectation of delays related to flash flooding or power outages on either=

While our system fared very well through the storm, the areas surround=
ing our stations may not have done so well. Take extra precaution driving=
along dark arterial roads as you head to the VRE stations as many trees =
weakened by the storm may have yet to topple and traffic signal outages a=
re common throughout the areas.

Another significant caution to be aware of is hydroplaning. Manassas L=
ine passengers have seen what happens when leaves get between the wheels =
of our locomotives and the railhead, but the same can be said for the roa=
dway. A huge amount of leaves were shed from trees, coating slick roadway=
s. When vehicles drive over them, even at reduced speeds – the adhesion b=
etween your tires and the roadway is quickly reduced, leaving you suscept=
ible to uncontrolled sliding.

Bottom line, please be careful. You made it through a hurricane, don’t=
let a wet leaf get you.

Thanks for riding VRE.





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