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Spotsylvania Parking Impact Survey

This is a survey for those riders who park in Fredericksburg, Leelan=
d Road, and Brooke.

We are looking for feedback on how a future Spotsylvania station wil=
l impact those riders. If you utilize one of these three stations please =
fill out our survey at

Effective, Thursday, November 22, 2012, Expired Tickets Will=
No Longer Be Replaced

VRE’s policy has always been that all of our tickets expire one year=
from the date of purchase. In the past, we had made ex=
ceptions on a case by case basis to replace expired tickets one time.&nbs=
p;That eventually led to a practice of replacing any expired tickets, one=

Effective, Thursday, November 22, 2012, we will discontinue the prac=
tice of replacing expired tickets.  

If you have expired tickets, you may exchange them between now and N=
ovember 21, 2012 by contacting our office at 703-684-1001, or by filling =
out the Ticket Echange form found under the What’s New section of our web=
site (

During this one month grace period, tickets will be exchanged for li=
ke-kind tickets up to $100 in value. 

Amtrak Step-Up tickets cost VRE $10 each time one is produced, not w=
hen it is used, therefore, replacing an expired Step-Up ticket costs VRE =
a total of $20, for which we receive only $5 in revenue. Effective immediately, expired Amtrak tickets will not be replaced.

Effective December 1st, Amtrak Step-Up t=
ickets will be $3.00

In order to mitigate construction-related congestion associated with=
the construction of the I-95 Express Lanes Project, the Virginia Departm=
ent of Transportation (VDOT) has implemented a Transportation Management =
Plan (TMP) that provides for expanded transit options for commuters who u=
se I-95. As part of the TMP, VDOT has funded a plan to =
buy down a portion of the commuter=E2=80=99s cost of the Amtrak Step-Up t=
icket. The new price of an Amtrak Step-Up ticket will b=
e $3. As is currently the case, the Step-Up ticket must be used in conjun=
ction with a multi-ride VRE ticket for one-way travel on the Amtrak Cross=
-Honor Service trains listed on the VRE schedule.

We hope to have all of the agreements in place to make the new price=
effective December 1, 2012. VRE will not be trading in the current $5 ti=
ckets for the new tickets. If you have pre-purchased Amtrak =
Step-up Tickets, those tickets will still be valid through their expirati=
on date (1 year from the date of purchase).

We will keep everyone informed as we finalize the implementation of =
the new ticket price.



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