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Request for Public Comment Regarding Smoking on VRE Platforms=

The VRE Operations Board has
approved a request to solicit public comment through email, letter, and
phone on a proposed amendment to the VRE smoking
approved the amendment would modify the existing polic=
y to
Smoking of pipes, cigarettes,
cigars or any other object is prohibited at outdoor VRE stations and
platforms at all times. Smoking would continue to be p=
rohibited on VRE trains and at
indoor VRE station facilities consistent with the existing smoking policy=
VRE will seek comment via
email, letter, or phone from June 18, 2012 =E2=80=93 July 20, 2012.
Staff will report back to the
Operations Board in August with a summary of comments and recommendation =
To make your comments via email, please send them to: publiccommen=
t@vre.org OR by Fax to:
(703) 684-1313.

Meet the Management Tomorrow Morning at Manassas Park

Meet the Management continues tomorrow morning at Manassas P=
ark. Come by and ask
questions or grab yourself some early morning snacks and goodies. On hand=
be Management and Staff from our Operations and
Communications, IT, and Passenger Support departments. Management from
Keolis will also be attending, so please drop by and say hello.
We hope to see your there! 

No VRE Serv=
ice for Independence Day

observance of Independence day, VRE will not operate service on Wed. July=
Service will resume on Thursday, July 5th.

Safety Reminders

Remember to extinguish cigarette b=
utts in the smoking receptacle on the platforms.
In the hot summers low ground moisture, and gusty winds can cr=
eate a strong potential for brush or mulch fires.
Please don’t flick a lit cigarette on to the tracks or into th=
e grass.
Last November, a No=
rfolk Southern train struck and killed a girl as she walked walk with a g=
roup of students on a train trestle. Earlier this month in Missouri two t=
eenage girls were killed by a train when they parked on the railroad trac=
ks playing a game. The game was to park on the tracks, let the windows fo=
g up inside and let your mind play tricks on you, but the game took a de=
adly turn when a real Amtrak train approached and the driver couldn’t re=
start her vehicle. Three of the teens got out safely, but two girls in a=
panic couldn’t unbuckle their seatbelts in time. The Jeep’s owner retur=
ned to the car and helped unbuckle her friends, just as the train smashe=
d into the vehicle.
As VRE riders you’=
ve been reminded over and over about train safety and you’ve likely seen =
how dangerous trains can be. People who don’t ride trains are often naive=
about the dangers that exist, especially kids. So the next time you get =
a chance to talk to your kids, remind them about being safe around trains=
. Remind them to never walk on the tracks and trains and tracks are not t=
oys to mess around with.



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