On-Line Forum Today at Noon


On-Line Forum Today at Noon


Join VRE Man=
agement to discuss VRE service 

If you don’t have any lunch plans, please consider joining our CEO, =
Dale Zehner, for his monthly on-line chat. For one hour beginning at noon=
, he will answer any service related questions as he can. 

Riders wishing to ask questions can visit ww=
w.vre.org/chatterbox in order to participate. Simply click the &ldquo=
;Ask” button to submit a question, or you can just sit back and wat=
ch the conversation flow.

If you can’t join us, you can submit your question early and =
check back later to see if it was answered. Transcripts are also availabl=
e after the fact on our Web site at www.vre.org/feedback/forums/archives.htm

For Union Station riders, we are kicking off our Meet the Management=
season later today at 3pm until the last train departs. VRE and Amtrak m=
anagement will be there as well, so if you a question you want to ask fac=
e-to-face, we will be there. (Or just come by and pick up some free stuff=
and some snacks!)




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