Train Talk September 20, 2011 1:48 PM

Train Talk:Weekly Newsletter
September 20, 2011 1:48 PM

The following is in this edition of Train Talk:
1) Please Remove Bicycles from Franconia/Springfield Station
2) SmartBenefits Reminder
3) Old FRCs Expire Next June

1) Please Remove Bicycles from Franconia/Springfield Station

As a result of the upcoming station renovations at Franconia/Springfield, all bikes and locks must be removed from the station by the end of service on Thursday, September 22nd. All bikes remaining will be removed and donated to charity.

Thank you.

2) SmartBenefits Reminder

VRE Vendors will continue to accept SmartBenefit vouchers until November 30th.

After Nov. 30th riders will no longer be able to exchange the paper vouchers for VRE tickets.

Riders who now receive electronic SmartBenefits need to first:

1. Purchase a SmarTrip card.

2. Register that SmarTrip card

3. Create an account with WMATA or contact Commuter Direct

4. Assign your benefits to an Electronic SmartBenefits vendor

Each month, your benefits will then be automatically assigned to the same vendor, unless you choose to change it (by making a change in your account on the WMATA website).

There are many other Transit Benefit Options that VRE accepts, from pre-paid debit cards of many different types/issuers, to transit checks such as TransBen Checks or Commuter Check.

For more information, please visit

3) Old FRCs Expire Next June

Just a 9 month heads up, but remember that FRCs have an expiration date. The latest batch (the teal and blue ones) expire on June 30th, 2012.

We’ll send reminders throughout the upcoming months. FRCs are not exchangable so if you happen to have a bundle of them, you may wish to remember to use them up.

For the latest information, don’t forget to check out the VRE web site at: If you would like to unsubscribe yourself or change your
delivery information, simply go to the VRE website at .

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