Train Talk July 27, 2010 6:50 AM

This message is for Fredericksburg Line riders:

Update #2:

The railroad has be re-opened for traffic. Trains on the move shortly. Train #306 45 minutes late, Train #308 20 minutes late. Both may accrue additional delay as both trains will make all stops.


Update #1:

Still waiting on status of fire. Train #306 is 35 minutes late and Train #308 (Departs Fredericksburg at 6:30a) is right behind and 10 minutes late.

Metro Option has been opened at Franconia/Springfield and King Street Metro stations. Show your VRE ticket to Metro personnel for entry.



No new information to report, still waiting on status of reported fire. All Fredericksburg traffic still being held south of Fredericksburg.

Train #306 is currently 20 minutes late.


VRE traffic is being held due to reports of a possible fire near the tracks near Fredricksburg. Estimated delays unknown at this time, we will alert you as soon as details become available.

Currently Train #306 (Departs Fredericksburg at 6:05a) is being held south of Fredericksburg.


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